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American Comfort has been providing safe, reliable, and efficient infrared heaters to customers all over North America for a number of years. Infrared heaters are an excellent way to heat areas of your home that may not be well served by your central heating system. They allow you to raise the temperature in a specific area while keeping the remainder of your home or office cooler. They are efficient; they can save you money and improve your comfort level.

Our industry leading infrared heaters are used in homes, offices and construction projects. They’re portable, safe, cost-efficient and eco-friendly.Infrared heaters use infrared light energy in the same fashion that the sun heats the earth. They avoid the friction method for heating used in based board and electric space heaters making them a safer way of heating. 

Infrared heaters by American Comfort are designed to heat the specific area you want to heat. The heat stays down in the area where you and your family live, not up at ceiling level which you find with many traditional heating systems. Studies have found that infrared heaters use 35% less energy than traditional electric furnace/baseboard heating systems. This saves you money while improving the comfort level in your home or office.

Infrared Heat has been clinically proven to alleviate the effects of many health conditions. These benefits include but are not limited to relief from Arthritis, Muscle Spasms, Traumatic Arthritis, Lower Back Pain, Tight shoulders, Compression Fracture, Muscle Tension, and many other musculoskeletal and cardiovascular conditions (Click here for source).

Infrared Heaters: Cutting Edge Technology for All Your Heating Needs

American Comfort’s broad range of infrared heaters focus the heat in a specific area and reduce the chance of heat escaping through ceilings, drafty door or window frames. Traditional portable heaters can often come with a safety problem or concern. Our infrared heaters have built-in safety mechanisms and technology that prevent overheating, reduce the risk of fires and give you the confidence you’re heating your home in a safe and cost effective manner.
At American Comfort we’ve a designed a broad range of infrared heaters to meet your specific needs. They include: portable infrared heaters, infrared fireplaces, and mini portable infrared heaters. Call our experienced and professional sales staff at 1-877-645-0299. They’ll help you select an infrared heater that will meet all your needs.

Why is the American comfort infrared heater safer than other methods of heating? Infrared heating has been around for over 25 years and there are over 100,000 units operating successfully in residential and commercial applications. It has no flame or fumes. Its safe, clean, infrared lamps provide the heat. Our infrared heaters pass the UL safety standard tests used in many countries to ensure the safe operation of a variety of products.

You’ll like doing business with American Comfort. We offer free shipping on most of our products as well as a three-year warranty on your infrared heater or portable furnace. Many of your questions about this exciting technology will be answered in our FAQ section on our website. At American Comfort, we design excellent infrared heating products to meet the demands of today… and ‘for generations to come’.

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